The Quest for a Perfect Bracket

Every year millions of basketball fans study, agonize, and obsess over filling out the “perfect bracket.” From bragging rights to even $1 billion offered for a winner by billionaire Warren Buffett in 2014, it is no wonder so many try to beat the astronomical odds every March. So what exactly are the chances of correctly guessing the winner of all 63 games? According to the NCAA, 9.2 quintillion to 1. If that last sentence has you feeling down, don’t despair. There are still lots of prizes up for grabs for a less than perfect bracket. 

BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge
BetMGM is offering $10 million for a perfect bracket, or $100,000 for the top scoring bracket if perfection is not achieved which is a huge top prize. To fill out your bracket, click here to get started.

ESPN Tournament Challenge
For the ESPN challenge, participants get points for guessing correct outcomes of games, with points increasing with each round. The top scorer, or scorers, for each round are entered into the drawing to win $100,000. To fill out your perfect bracket, click here to get started.

Yahoo Fantasy Tourney Pick ‘em
Yahoo uses a similar model to ESPN, with points being awarded for each round. However, instead of a random drawing, the participant with the most points wins $25,000. To fill out your perfect bracket, click here to get started.

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