Which MLB Teams in the AL Will Win Their Division?

AL Division Winners Predictions

Based on the current odds by Caesars Sportsbook

Baseball is back, spring training is underway, and Vegas has already picked the favorites to win the divisions. While the 2022 season is sure to feel the effects of the three-month lockout, as well as still dealing with state Covid restrictions, hopefully this year will be a little closer to the regular game we have been missing.

AL Central

Favored to win: Chicago White Sox

Predicted to take the AL Central, the Chicago White Sox are a promising team in a subpar division.  Face of the franchise, Jose Abreu, remained their top player, with 30 home runs and 117 RBIs last season, with shortstop Tim Anderson providing strong run support.  The White Sox have also made some moves this month, signing multiple pitchers, including strong righty, Joe Kelly, which will hopefully help round out their bullpen and push them past the first round of the playoffs this year.

AL West

Favored to win: Houston Astros

After winning the pennant in 2021, it is no surprise the Astros are the pick to win the AL West. The Astros have played in three of the last five World Series, including their 2017 win against the Dodgers, and still remain the powerhouse of the American League, despite being caught up in the recent sign stealing scandal.  Although they lost two key players during the off season in shortstop Carlos Correa and starting pitcher Zach Greinke, they still have a cohesive team of returning players led by veteran second baseman Jose Altuve, third baseman Alex Bregman, and commanding starting pitcher Justin Verlander, it is likely the Astros will dominate again this year. 

AL East

Favored to win: Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays, who have not won the division since 2015, are the current Vegas favorite for the AL East.  In one of the tightest, most evenly matched divisions, the projected winner comes down to one man: Vlad Guerrero, Jr.  The legacy infielder led the league last year with 123 runs and 48 home runs, but without a strong starting rotation, or run support, the team finished fourth in the division last season.   The Blue Jays remain a strong team and, if the injury-prone George Springer can manage a full season, they could pull off the division win this year.

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