Who Will Be the Home Run Leader in 2022?

Based on the current odds by Caesars Sportsbook

Only a week into the official start of baseball season, and we have already seen 184 home runs between 28 teams, with the Toronto Blue Jays leading with 11 home runs so far.  So, who is projected to lead the MLB in home runs this season? Let’s take a look at the current odds.

Vladamir Guerrero, Jr.: +500

Of the 11 home runs hit by the Blue Jays thus far, four of them were by Vladamir Guerrero Jr., including three home runs in a single game against the New York Yankees on Wednesday, April 13th.  Last season, Guerrero, Jr., led both leagues in runs (123) and home runs, with an astounding 48 homers. If he keeps his current pace, he could certainly beat his last season’s record.

Pete Alonso: +1200

New York Mets first baseman, Pete Alonso, led both leagues in 2019 with 53 home runs, and last season he hit a strong 37 home runs during the regular season.  He is a consistent hitter and definitely a top contender to be the home run leader this season.

Yordan Alvarez: +1400

The Houston Astros have already hit nine home runs in six games, so far this season; two of those were by Yordan Alvarez.  He led the team last season with 33 home runs but did not break even the top four for the Astros 2019 season, Alex Bregman hit 41 and George Springer 39.  Could we assume that his success last season was due to Bregman’s two-month absence and Springer playing for Toronto?

Giancarlo Stanton: +1800

The last time New York Yankees rightfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, led the MLB in homeruns, was 2017 when he hit an impressive 59 homers for the Miami Marlins.  Stanton is well known for his long ball, he won the derby in 2016, and has always been consistent.  That is, if he can stay healthy, although he hit a solid 35 homeruns in 139 games in 2021, the last three seasons he has spent a good amount of time on the injured list, he only played 23 games in 2019 due to his various strains and sprains. 

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