DraftKings Opens Temporary Sportsbook in Michigan

After two years, DraftKings officially opened their temporary sportsbook at Bay Mills Casino & Resort on June 22, 2022.

The temporary sportsbook will eventually be improved upon as we get closer to the upcoming NFL season. It will serve as a teaser for what players can expect this fall. Guests will feel like they stepped into their DraftKings Sportsbook App MI when visiting the retail space. The in-person sportsbook features six self-service kiosks and a sports betting ticket cage. Later this year, however, Yoopers will be able the enjoy everything DraftKings has to offer. The additions will include a large video wall, odds board, and additional kiosks, among other features. DraftKings and Bay Mills plan on hosting events celebrating the grand opening of the retail sportsbook later this year once all final additions are completed.  

The DraftKings retail sportsbook in Michigan marks the company’s seventh state with a retail sportsbook, joining Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York.

DraftKings announced its partnership with Bay Mills Casino & Resort in June 2020. Since launching, the partnership has been wildly successful for both companies.

DraftKings sportsbook has generated over $75 million in revenue for the two companies and has paid over $1.1 million in taxes.

DraftKings Chief Business Officer Ezra Kucharz shared his excitement for the future presence of the retail DraftKings location in Michigan; “The Great Lakes State presents a number of gaming opportunities, and we look forward to collaborating with Bay Mills to provide residents with the best-in-class experience DraftKings is known for.”

Bryan Newland (then Bay Mills Tribal Chairman) also stated his thoughts on why DraftKings was the right choice for a partner; “We said, ‘Let’s go out and bag the biggest and best partner that we can who will fit our culture. That’s what we did.”

This successful collaboration between Bay Mills and DraftKings will be vital for the resort after suffering some negative publicity this Spring. The resort was closed after an electrical fire in their technology room. The accident, unfortunately, shut down their ATM, phone, internet, and gaming systems, rendering the casino un-operational for nearly a week. Thankfully no one was injured in the fire, and the resort opened for guests again on May 20th. The DraftKings expansion is just what the brand needed to move past this event.

It is no secret that online sports betting and casinos have changed the gambling game in Michigan. DraftKings remains third all-time in Michigan for sports betting and online casino betting, with a total sportsbook handle of $1.36 billion since launching in January 2021. DraftKings is all in for Michigan and the Bay Mills Resort & Casino. If you’re from the area or visiting the Upper Peninsula this fall, the DraftKings retail sportsbook at Bay Mills Resort & Casino is sure to be a superb experience for all players and guests.

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