Prop Bets for the NBA Finals

Parlays are the worst! They always lose when you have them, yet, every day there is a picture of someone making a $5 parlay to win $27,000, which makes you think “wow, imagine if I put $100 on that? I’d be rich!”.  But you’re not. And hopefully you never will be betting on 15 play parlays.

My recommendation on the parlay side of things is stick to 5 bets or less. Personally, I try to stay away from parlays since they don’t work out well for me. However, if you do them, I’d stick with ones with 2-5 plays in it. Remember, if you have a chance to get your money back at the end, never be afraid to hedge.

What I like to try to do is add a few plays that are almost guaranteed winners, like big money line favorites, and then, the last play being more of a risk.  Does this work out for me? Ehh sometimes, but most of the time you lose one of these big favorites.

Same game parlays on the other hand are some of the most fun things you can possibly do with clothes on.  FanDuel* and DraftKings* pretty much dare you to parlay now in the best possible way with automatically adding all bets in your betslip into a parlay.  Every once in a while you get a tingle or a matchup where you absolutely know a guy is going to go off and a team is going to win.

I am all in on Curry and the Warriors – both for the series and Game 1.  Steph is still the best player in the series. Everyone wants to talk to Tatum, but I think it’s weird that he texts Kobe and I mean we get it, you’re a dad, but your kid is getting annoying.  You will have a max contract in a few years, get a babysitter bro.  

This is Steph’s first Finals MVP campaign, and until they lose I will be told absolutely nothing different. Which means I am hammering Curry on a same game parlay via DraftKings*.  Like every other parlay I have ever made, I do not see how it can lose.

MVP chants will be heard all around the Oracle tonight and I will feel great about it. 

Currently, this five leg Parlay is paying out at +1100 on DraftKings*!

Another fun long term parlay I am going with is the easiest money I will ever make.

Steph to win Finals MVP, Nadal to win the French Open for the 14th time (literally), and lastly, the New York Rangers to win the Stanley Cup is currently paying out at +1412 on DraftKings*!

All-in-all, remember, parlays are the worst. You will lose, but absolutely make them because what if you don’t lose? Like screw it, be a legend.

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