PrizePicks DFS App Overview

PrizePicks is the Daily Fantasy Sports app that is becoming the platform of choice for thousands of players across the US. Prizepicks is available in more than half of the US states right now and is an incredibly easy-to-use app. If you’re a fan of single-player fantasy prop-selection contests (betting on the performance of specific players) then you’d certainly enjoy the PrizePicks app. The PrizePicks app is one of our favorites here at because they’ve created a clean easy to use simplified design that still brings the user coming back for more. 

Single-player fantasy prop-selection contests what?

This style of Daily Fantasy Sports sites allows the user to wager on the performance of individual players rather than the outcome of entire games like you’d often find on a traditional sportsbook app. 

The additional benefit of the single-player sports betting industry is that this form of online wagering is legal in states where traditional sports betting is still illegal (California, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia). Prizepicks states on its website that its app is currently available across 30 states, the District of Columbia, and all Canadian provinces, except Ontario. Here’s a link to a map of their current states available that you can find on their website. Many of the states where PrizePicks is available also only require the player to be 18 years of age.

(Quick Note: ID, HI, NV, MT, and WA has outlawed all DFS betting; Single-Player Fantasy is also outlawed in MD, OH, and WV)

PrizePicks currently boasts a surprising amount sports available. The following are listed on their website, “NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, College Football, Men’s College Basketball, Women’s College Basketball, Soccer, WNBA, Esports, NASCAR, Tennis, MMA, Boxing, Disc Golf, Euro Basketball, Cricket, and more!”

How to play PrizePicks?

PrizePicks really does keep it incredibly simple and easy to use their app. You just register for an account (be sure to take advantage of any promotions they currently have available), make a deposit, and pick over or under on 2-5 player props. It could go without saying, but wagering on two players is much safer than placing a bet on five players, but with the added safety comes a smaller payout.

The process is similar to creating a parlay and allows players to wager on the performance of individual players. For basketball, it could include points, assists, rebounds, free throws, three-pointers, points + rebounds + assists, and overall fantasy points. 

Once you’ve decided what players and stats you’re wagering on, you choose whether the player will go over or under on each of the props in your entry. Once that’s completed, the last step is selecting the type of game you’ll play, Flex or Power Play. As the name suggests, Flex Plays offer a safer option, where one or two of your picks can lose, yet you still get paid out. However, if you’re confident about your bet, Power Plays gives you a much higher payout should you get your entire selection correct. 

For a complete walk-through on the PrizePicks site on how to place your first bet, visit this link. Be sure to check out their current offer in the form of a 100% deposit match up to $100 on your first deposit. 

PrizePicks has been turning heads this year. In Michigan, the company has been having a record year and recently passed FanDuel in Daily Fantasy Revenue. Many new DFS players are looking for ways to play that are simpler and focus on the performance of individual players. Many millennials are die-hard fans of individual players rather than teams and, therefore, would be more likely to wager on their favorite player’s performance. If you aren’t a fan of competing against hundreds of lineups or having the hassle of managing a salary cap but still love watching sports games and sports betting then you’d probably enjoy what PrizePicks has to offer. 

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