Leadstar Media Awarded New License By West Virginia

Leadstar Media Gains Casino License in West Virginia

The West Virginia Lottery Commission has issued an iGaming license to Leadstar Media. The new license will allow the company to promote approved iGaming operations in West Virginia and partner with companies wishing to launch in the state in the future.

Who is Leadstar Media?

The affiliate and media company Leadstar Media was launched in 2012 by the founders Eskil, Jens, and Oscar in Stockholm Sweden. With a background in gambling (mainly poker), the founders believed they could bring something new and valuable to the table, starting with sports betting. Leadstar’s website describes its “vision of making sports betting seamless. Through our outstanding products, we facilitate punters’ choices and boost the sports betting experience.”  

Until now, the company only held a license for sports betting and was used to operate their sports betting supplier products like sportsbooksonline.com and bookiesbonuses.com/us. With the new iGaming license awarded by the state, it will now be able to offer users online casino services, casino offers, and information through its sites bettingapps.com and unitedgamblers.com.

The company currently works with many international clients in Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the UK.

Entrance into the US Market

The CEO of Leadstar Media Eskil Kvarnström, shared his excitement with the new West Virginia license and how the company will now work alongside some of the country’s best competitors in the industry. “Since launching our products in the USA, we have been humbled and honored by the tremendous growth and success as one of the leaders in the iGaming affiliate industry. We are pleased to announce yet another state where we are now fully licensed to operate our full vertical of iGaming supplier products, all of which strictly adhere to the laws and regulations set by the governing bodies in each state they operate in. Obtaining our full iGaming supplier license in West Virginia is yet another major stepping stone for us in our journey of becoming the best iGaming affiliate in every regulated US state. I am proud of the continuous hard work our entire US team has done to both obtain this license and make use of it by creating the best products available for our customers in the US.”

The CEO shared how much the company values the US expansion: “Although we are a company that successfully operates in different geographical markets all around the globe, we are admittedly most excited about the potential success and challenges that come with the US iGaming industry. We have made a strong push in the US since day one, and wholeheartedly plan on continuing our strongest efforts to become the number one affiliate in the US.”

Expanding in the US market was a significant milestone for the company and one that it feels very proud to have accomplished.

Leadstar Media is currently operating in 15 states, including Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This move in West Virginia will allow Leadstar Media to deliver the full range of legal sports betting sites as well as online casino sites in the Mountain State across its entire US product portfolio. The recent announcement may just cement Leadstar Media as a prominent force in the online gaming industry and help it achieve its goal of becoming the best betting provider in the country.

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