West Virginia Sports Betting And Online Casino Numbers Continue To Rise In August

After ending its fiscal year in July, West Virginia sports betting and online casino gambling numbers are on the rise. Both online casino gaming and sports betting increased their total handle and total revenue during August in West Virginia.

The Mountain State reports its numbers weekly instead of monthly, contrary to most US state commissions. For the month of July, the West Virginia Lottery Commission used July 1st – July 30th as dates for their monthly report. August numbers were taken from July 31st – September 3rd. While five days longer than July’s measurement, the numbers are still impressive. 

Online casino numbers

During the month of July, the state’s online casino gaming handle was $277.3 million, with total revenue of $8.5 million. August saw the state’s online casino gaming handle rise to $327.6 million, an 18.2% increase from July’s numbers. State casino operators also experienced an impressive 27.1% increase in revenue from July’s numbers resulting in $10.7 million in total revenue. Casino operators ended August with almost a 2.6% hold. 

In year over year growth, West Virginia casino revenue was up a whopping 80.8% increase from August 2021 to August 2022. Last August, the state saw $4.7 million in revenue compared to $8.5 million in 2022. 

The total handle from August 2021 to August 2022 more than doubled. Last year casino operators handled a total of $142 million. Compared to August’s handle of $327.6 million, the state experienced a 130.7% increase. 

Sports betting numbers

Sportbooks also saw more bets placed last month compared to July’s numbers. July resulted in West Virginia sportsbooks reporting a total handle of $25 million. August brought those numbers to $33.9 million, a 35.7% increase from July. Total revenue reported by the state’s sportsbooks also rose dramatically, resulting in an increase of 54% compared to July’s revenue of $2.6 million. The increase translates to $4.03 million. As compared to August 2021, the state experienced a 102% increase in total revenue. Sportsbooks ended August with an 11.8% hold. 

Online sportsbook handle, 2021 vs. 2022

Of the total sports betting handle of $33.9 million, $28 million, or 82.5% came from online sports betting. In comparison to this time last year, online sports betting has grown dramatically in West Virginia. The total online sports betting handle rose 69% from August 2021 ($16.6 million) to August 2022 ($28 million). 

Taxes generated during August

In terms of tax dollars, the state brought in $342,536 from sports betting, 8.5% of total sportsbook revenue.

Overall numbers at a glance:

  • Online casino gaming handle: $327.6 million (130.7% increase year over year)
  • Online casino gaming revenue: $8.5 million (80.8% increase year over year)
  • Online casino hold: 2.6%
  • Total Sports betting handle: $33.9 million (35.7% increase month over month)
  • Total Sports betting revenue: $4.03 million (54% month over month, 102% increase year over year)
  • Sports betting hold: 11.8%
  • Online sports betting handle: $28 million (82.5% of total sports betting handle, 69% increase year over year)

With August’s revenue numbers ending on the 5th of September, the first week of the NFL 2022 season wasn’t a part of the report. It’s likely that September will be a month for the record books in West Virginia, considering the number of bets placed during the first week of the NFL season. 

Six US states currently offer online casino gaming: West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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